Bamboo Family Toothbrush Holder

An eco friendly, minimalist solution to drying your toothbrushes. Look after a bamboo toothbrush is essential to lengthen its life.

Many people lie the toothbrush flat on the window ledge but this prevents the wet underneath of the handle from drying. This can cause mould to grow on the handle and can damage the bamboo.

Instead this toothbrush holder holds up to 4 toothbrushes upright so the handle can fully dry. We still recommend placing the holder on a window ledge so that any water on the toothbrush easily evaporates.

Drainage Holes

A common question we receive is the danger of water collecting a the bottom of each toothbrush slot. As a solution, at the bottom of each toothbrush slot is a small drainage hole that allows water to flow away. Therefore any water trickling down the toothbrush can escape.

Preventing Toothbrushes From Touching

It would be gross if the toothbrushes were touching each other so we’ve spaced the holes at a good distance apart. Additionally, if you are still worried about this you can order the toothbrushes like children’s toothbrush, adult toothbrush, children’s toothbrush, adult toothbrush. This solution ensures there is a significant height difference between each toothbrushes neighbours.

Bamboo Family Toothbrush Holder