Plastic-Free Vegan Hand Wash (500ml)
  • Just add water to make 500ml of hand wash
  • Almond and honey scented
  • 40g Powder sachet
  • 99% Natural ingredients
  • Compostable cornstarch sachet
  • Sachet is compostable and labels are recyclable
  • Plastic-free 
  • Cruelty-free
  • SLS Free
  • Vegan
  • Made in France
  • Save up to 27.5 plastic bathroom bottles a year per person



We think this Milly & Sissy add water hand wash sachet is such an amazing zero waste swap from regular hand wash (see below how much this swap affects our planet). 

The handy sachets are in powder form and just need to be added to water in an old bottle or any other container you want to reuse. They are all 100% Vegan, absolutely no animal testing, plus the ingredients are 99.6% natural!

This low lather hand wash will leave your hands feeling smooth, moisturized and clean and leave your conscience clear knowing you've made a good choice for the planet.

Better yet, the sachet packets are compostable themselves! They're made from natural corn starch and will breakdown to nothing - just remove the label first. 

We also have the shower gels in sachet form for you here.


You may think that because plastic bottles in your bathroom are recyclable there isn't a huge impact but in fact, only a tiny 10% of all plastic put into recycling is actually recycled! Meaning if we can reuse our plastic instead it is MUCH better for the planet. 

The majority of bathroom products come in plastic bottles and contain at least 70% water which has to be transported, ours contain no water, reducing the transport carbon footprint by

Plastic-Free Vegan Hand Wash (500ml)